Nursing Diagnoses 2015-17: Definitions and Classification

nanda diagnosi infermieristicheDa pochi mesi è uscito il volume delle diagnosi infermieristiche aggiornate per il triennio 2015-17, purtroppo è disponibile solo in inglese.

Sul sito del NANDA compare il costo del libro in dollari (32) scontato per gli iscritti NANDA, ma su Amazon è disponibile a 30 euro.

Non so che differenze offra il nuovo volume, il mio inglese è arrugginito e attenderò la versione italiana...

La versione in inglese sul sito del NANDA ha questa introduzione:

NANDA International Nursing Diagnoses:
Definitions and Classification 2015-2017 is the definitive guide to nursing diagnoses, as reviewed and approved by NANDA-I. The new 2015-2017 edition of this internationally recognized resource has been rigorously updated and revised throughout. Each of the 235 diagnoses presented are supported by definitions as well as defining characteristics and related factors, or risk factors. Each new and revised diagnosis is based on the latest global evidence, and approved by expert nurse diagnosticians, researchers and educators.

THE NEW 2015-17 EDITION offers:
  • All introductory chapters are written at an undergraduate nursing level, and provide critical information needed for nurses to understand assessment, its link to diagnosis, and the purpose and use of taxonomic structure for the nurse at the bedside. They provide the perfect complement to courses in nursing fundamentals, clinical reasoning and nursing process.
  • A companion website features presentations suitable for classroom and/or student assignments, including Nursing Diagnosis Basics, Taxonomy Basics and Assessment to Diagnosis.
  • A new chapter, focusing on Frequently Asked Questions, representing the most common questions received through the NANDA-I website, and at global conferences.
  • 25 new nursing diagnoses and 13 revised diagnoses – each one based on the latest global evidence, and approved by expert nurse diagnosticians, researchers and educators.
  • Includes references for all diagnoses submitted or revised since 2009.
  • Standardization of diagnostic indicator terms (defining characteristics, related factors, risk factors) to aid clarity.

Il prezzo aggiornato del libro è disponibile nel banner.

La versione ebook per Kindle costa circa 10 euro in meno.